Färsk rapport om människorättssituationen i Belarus

Den belarusiska (vitryska) människorättsorganisationen Vjasna har publicerat sin syn på händelseutvecklingen i samband med och efter presidentvalet.

Utöver en redogörelse för det som hände den 19 december presenterar Vjasna också uppgifter om den rättsliga process som alltjämt pågår med anknytning till presidentvalet och den repressionsvåg som nu drabbar journalister, människorättsförsvarare och andra samhällsengagerade medborgare. Ungefär 100 husrannsakningar har genomförts och lika många personer har kallats in till förhör hos säkerhetstjänsten KGB. Antalet politiska fångar har inte varit större någon gång tidigare under Lukasjenkas tid vid makten.

Hela rapporten kan läsas här (på belarusiska) eller här (på engelska).

Nedan följer rapportens slutsatser:


– Election of the President of the Republic of Belarus was neither free nor democratic. The election results announced by the CEC, in no way reflect the actual will of the citizens of Belarus.
– The protest against the undemocratic and unfree election was peaceful. The citizens who had gathered in central Minsk had peaceful purposes and sought to peacefully express their opinions and protest.
– The incident with the smashing of windows in the building of the Government House was not prevented by law enforcement agencies. The evident inaction by the Interior Ministry personnel, who were present in Independence Square, indicates to a well-organized provocation by the authorities, used to forcibly disperse the rally and the arrests more than 700 of its participants.
– The actions of the police to disperse the demonstration were clearly disproportionate to the character. The use of physical force and special means led to a large number of wounded among the peaceful protesters.
– The attack of security services in civilian clothes on the presidential candidate Uladzimir Niakliayeu and his supporters was clearly provocative and illegal.
– The beating and arrests of virtually all the presidential candidates, the rivals of Aliaksandr Lukashenka, are nothing more than political violence.
– The criminal case under Part 1 and 2 Article 293 of the Criminal Code (”mass riots”), initiated by the KGB, is used only for long-term isolation of the leaders of the pro-democratic opposition movement, as well as a means of exerting pressure and creating the atmosphere of intimidation among the country’s independent civil society, independent media and journalists, human rights defenders, as well as all the dissidents of Belarus.
– Since 19 December 2010, there has been a sharp boost in the wave of politically motivated repressions and human rights violations. This is a return of the Belarusian authorities to cruel and repressive methods of influence on the political parties, civil society and independent media.
– The number of political prisoners in the country reached a record for the period of 16 years of the reign of Aliaksandr Lukashenka and the list of prisoners is not yet final.